Episode 28

Published on:

8th Jun 2024

Rewind Episode: Harry Styles and Dudes Wearing Dresses with Maruchy Ramos-Lachance

This week's Finely Aged Cheese Rewind episode is from May 2023!

This was a really deep and fun conversation with our dear friend Maruchy about the phenomenon of men wearing clothes traditionally seen as feminine and what that says about them, and us, and what it doesn't. Loved it.

Maruchy is :

the proud daughter of refugees that taught me about resilience & loving your way through life. Mom, wife & faithful servant to my human family. I run, think, pray, eat, cuss & am an ally and advocate for equal rights for all. I’m a COO & created a business from the ground up with Martha Stewart as our most prominent client. I show up even when I’m scared & attribute any success I’ve had or will have to bring audacious.

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