Episode 13

Published on:

14th Feb 2023

The Revival of the "Goth Girl" with Rissa Miller

This is a REALLY fantastic and really well-researched episode with our guest, Rissa Miller, who is an author, editor, herbalist and storyteller. Rissa brought us an engaging discussion about the archetype of the "goth girl", and it goes beyond the stereotype of the moody girl with black eyeliner. We talk about identity and belonging, and I really hope you enjoy it!!

Rissa Miller is an editor, author, herbalist, seer, and storyteller. Her storytelling expertise stems from extensive research into the area of esoteric history, including ghosts, divination, cryptids, and folklore. Rissa believes the most enduring stories teach us not only about humanity's past, but also give reason to reflect on our own present beliefs and realities.

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